Ny bog om Stena RoRo

Stenability – The Story of Stena RoRo. © Breakwater Publishing

Forlaget Breakwater Publishing har netop udgivet en bog, som gennemgår historien om Stena RoRo.

Bogen er på engelsk, og kan bl.a. købes direkte hos forlaget, hvor den koster 345 svenske kroner.

Stena RoRo’s mission is to provide vessels, innovative solutions and project management to operators and shipping companies all over the world. Through operating, managing and refining the vessels, these activities shall create profitability, sustainability and satisfied customers.


Stena RoRo’s roots date back to the successful business concept that was created by Sten A. Olsson and then further developed by Dan Sten Olsson. This is a culture that has come to be summed up in the concept of “Stenability”. In each situation, the organisation shall solve a customer’s needs. Everything is possible. The challenges of today and into the future will be met with creative and flexible solutions. Technology and business go hand in hand.


This book tells the exciting story of how Stena RoRo’s activities have developed, including some of the many interesting vessels that they have constructed, purchased, chartered and sold, over the years since the company’s inception.


  • Titel: Stenability – The Story of Stena RoRo
  • Forfattere: Anders Bergenek, Rickard Sahlsten
  • Sidetal: 336
  • ISBN: 978-91-86687-61-8
  • Forlag: Breakwater Publishing

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